Anne Ladyem-An Introduction

Hello all! My name is Anne Ladyem McDivitt. I will be joining you all at Mason this year to start my PhD, and I have lived in Orlando, Florida for the past several years. I completed both my MA and my BA at the University of Central Florida, and during that time, I was able to accomplish many things, such as curating several exhibits, serving as a GTA, and working within a local history museum. I also completed my MA thesis, which examined the US video game industry from 1958-1986 and its relation to white, middle class masculinity. It was quite fun to research and write, and I am very proud of it! I have also been known to study the African American Civil Rights Movement and Vikings for fun. During my spare time (which is becoming increasingly less), I enjoy playing video games, reading comics, and I have recently become quite the soccer fan. I look forward to meeting you all this semester, and my Twitter handle is @anneladyem, for when you need that.

Because it seemed fun and so you know who you’re being introduced to, I have attached a photo of myself being a soccer hooligan in Orlando. 😀 (I’m the tiny one.)



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