Learning New Things and Technical Difiiculties

This week, with the portfolio site due, I decided to try out altering a template using Dreamweaver. The results, luckily, were not terrible. It took a lot of work to try and figure out how to make the HTML work with the template, especially when I did not recognize some of it. I took out pieces that were not needed for my website, and I removed anything that I haven’t learned yet, for simplicity’s sake. Obviously the website will get better as we move forward in the semester and learn more, but overall, I am pleased with my results.

The worst part this week was figuring out how to attach my website to the domain via my FTP. I realized, after so much frustration, that I had been using the wrong FTP information when trying to connect, but I got it sorted out. Everything should be working, and I look forward to being able to make a website that is visually appealing and interesting.

The URL is here, so you can see for yourself my results.

See my comment on Sara’s blog.


4 thoughts on “Learning New Things and Technical Difiiculties

  1. I had the same problem ftping my stuff. I couldn’t figure it out. Attempting to ftp through Dreamweaver fried me. I actually ended up creating two other ftps, which only added to my problems. Aside from giving me more usernames, passwords, etc. to keep track of, apparently those ftps didn’t direct the info to the right place, or something like that. I managed to get my website up and running by using FileZilla (thanks to Amanda), but I’m still not entirely sure how to work it…..

    • Sounds like just about everyone struggled with the FTP! I think we will all be eternally grateful to Amanda – and should probably bake her a cake for all her help.
      I’m looking forward to being able to focus on the design aspect a bit more – I, too, was primarily focused on the HTML and CSS for this first assignment. Promises to be a whirlwind semester.

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