So, colors are something I’ve always had issues with…

If you ask anyone who has known me for a decent amount of time, they can tell you my go-to color–blue. I usually incorporate blue into everything that I do: clothes, decor, design, etc. I admit I was nervous going in this week and knowing that the readings were about colors. Although from White Space is Not Your Enemy, I did get a huge takeaway! “Choose one main color and add an accent color or two for interest.” (127) This idea sounds great to me. This will allow me to have some type of color and brightness somewhere in my digital works! Basically, I plan on using the color tools pretty extensively in my future digital works so that I don’t end up with a bright and colorful mess. I also really loved the idea of pulling from the image, which we’ve encountered in class. I believe I now have tools in my belt to keep myself from creating a pastel or blue mess of anything that I try to create in a digital form, which will be incredibly helpful moving forward.

Otherwise, I’m really excited by some of the information and techniques that were relayed in Williams’s The Non-Designer’s Photoshop Book. There are a lot of helpful things that I had no idea how to do, even though I think I am fairly versed in Photoshop, and they might come in handy for both photographs I have for personal use or even my thesis research. Mainly, I look forward to utilizing some of these for our upcoming image project!

So far, I commented on Kirk’s blog.


4 thoughts on “So, colors are something I’ve always had issues with…

  1. I’m getting excited, too. Now that I’m getting my feel of the “lay of the land” I’m less seeing this as a painful exercise in technological nuts-and-bolts, and more of an exercise in creativity. And for this humanities-centric guy, that’s a dynamic I can really buy in to.

    • I agree, this is something that I’m very excited to learn more about. There were some really neat techniques in this week’s reading that I can see being very helpful outside a classroom setting.

  2. I feel like I’ve jumped over the divide separating “how do I meet the requirements of this assignment” to “how can I make this next assignment look really great.”

    At least in theory–we’ll see how it goes once I’m trying to implement some of the idea germinating in my head!

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