Final Project Thoughts

So, as many of you know from class, my goal is to create an online archive where people can submit their photos/memories of video gaming for our final project. Ideally, I would use Omeka to create this–but there are two problems there. 1.) for the Omeka install I have, the contribution plugin isn’t ready, and 2.) we only know how to code HTML sites, which Omeka is not.

Eventually, I think Omeka would be the best spot. For now, I’m exploring other options and ideas. I considered a submission Tumblr, which may still work. However, I’m still working through some of that code to make sure it would work, as I’m not wholly comfortable with some of the HTML methods they use.

My third thought is to just build it in HTML like I would normally and have a dummy submission page to show what those would look like when it actually happens. I’m not sure if that would qualify as the “interactive” idea, but it’s really all I have at the moment, due to the skills I currently have.

Do any of you have any ideas or thoughts on this? Any help would be appreciated!!

This week, I commented on Becca’s blog.


2 thoughts on “Final Project Thoughts

  1. Anne,
    I like the Tumblr idea! You could also link to an outside database site that you do not have to code- like the blog. Does that exist? I’m not sure, but I thought we talked about an Omeka page that you don’t have to code last semester. If you end up not being able to create the interactive archive, then providing a mock-up is a good solution. You could name is “Website Development.” 🙂 I think your site will be cool whatever you decide to do. Can’t wait to see it!

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