Even though I’m pretty familiar with Photoshop, I have discovered in my work for this class that Photoshop is not a cure all. To create a good project, you have to have decent source material. Some of my images that I’ve worked on so far, I’m very pleased with. Others came from very, very terrible newspapers scans that honestly, I’ve worked so hard on and they still look pretty bad. I’m trying to create things that I feel will be acceptable for the project with what I have, and I really was trying to attempt works that would have some connection to my overall research work and final project.

It’s been pretty frustrating, but I find that that is something that helps me grow in terms of learning more digital tools. (And although I came in with some experience, I’ve also been pretty happy to learn some new tricks of which I previously was unaware.) I’m going to keep working on this assignment, good and bad, and hopefully I will have items that you guys and myself will find acceptable.

Side note, I posted my version of the cat and man photo, since everyone else already had. It’s on my blog here. I commented on Beth’s blog this week.

As a completely different side note, it is very rough to get super sick at the end of the semester in graduate school.


2 thoughts on “Photoshop

  1. Anne, the pic looks great. I take it you also left the weird damaged area at the bottom of the oval intact? How is your colorizing project progressing. Check out this page:
    Hope you feel better.

    • That website is great! Their coloring is much better than mine. My plan was to take an image I had from a newspaper of a teenage boy playing Space Invaders and colorize it. Unfortunately, the newspaper is not great quality, and most of the tricks that I know to fix it didn’t do it. So, I have an image that is a colorized cabinet that I cropped to try and salvage it. Colorizing images is very difficult for me.

      Yes, I left the oval, as I was really unsure how to restore that section properly without essentially redrawing that section, which I don’t think I’m skilled enough to do.

      Thanks for the concern about my health! I’m gonna try my best to be there today, but it’s really not a fun experience.

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